Are you tired of your 9-5 job? Do you want a break from your routine?
We feel you.
That’s why we want to share with you 5 easy ways to earn online income.

Making money online allows you to work from anywhere in the world. It allows millions of digital nomads to live the digital nomad lifestyle. Do you want to make this location independence a reality for yourself but you can’t because of your job?

These 5 easy ways to make money online might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Now when we say ‘easy’, we don’t mean that money will be flying into your pocket from out of nowhere. Of course, you’re going to have to put in hard work in order to see results. What we mean is that anyone can make money with these 5 online income sources.

Earn Online Income – No Previous Knowledge Required

Everything you need to make money online can be learned on the go.
Or who knows, maybe you already happen to have the right skills at hand.

That said, it’s never too late for a change.

Honestly, if you are unhappy with your current job or situation, now’s the right time to break out of old routines. There have never been this many online income opportunities and the market keeps growing.

So don’t hesitate to get on board with one of the following ways of making money online.

Start your new life today!

1) Create a Niche Website

Are you an expert in a certain topic? Can you teach a bird how to speak? Are you dealing with a certain disease and are willing to share your experience?

Your knowledge is wanted and needed out there and sharing it may be the key to a passive incomeBut what do you need to do to make money with a niche website?

Find Your Niche

First things first.

To make money with a niche website, you need to be spot on with your topic choice. People should search for it on the web but, at the same time, there shouldn’t be too much content talking about it yet.

Look at it this way: If you create a website in the football niche, it’s likely that nobody will ever see it. There is already too much content about football out there. Try finding an area that is interesting to others but that hasn’t gotten too much attention yet.

The tricky part is to figure out the demand for each topic.

To begin with, you’ll need to do a thorough keyword research. Tools like Keywords Everywhere help you to gauge the Google Search Volume for certain terms. This can give you a hint of the potential number of visitors to your site.

But don’t choose your niche based on the number of monthly searches alone. Also, think about your competition and a potential monetisation strategy!

Are there advertisers willing to pay for exposure to this kind of traffic?
Can you find 
affiliate partners in your niche? And if yes, how strong is your competition?

The point is: You need to find your window of opportunity!

Niche Website Windows

Check out the Competition

So far so good.

You have a topic that you’re interested in and that has a fair share of traffic from monthly searches. A good way to decide if it’s worth your blood, sweat and tears is to check out your competition with the free MozBar.

Sites with a high page authority and many backlinks will be almost impossible to beat in the race to be on the first page of Google results. If you’re competing against big big players, you might as well focus your energy on another niche.

All right. But if your competitors play in your league, go on to assessing their content. Is it up-to-date and of high quality? You might think:

Hey, I can write way better content than that!

Perfect, then go for it! It seems like you’ve got a realistic chance to rank and get traffic for your niche.

And don’t get us wrong.

You actually could manage to produce content that’s 10x better than everything out thereThen you can take it up with anybody because that’s a superpower in the world of SEO!

Check for Potential Affiliate Partners

Okay, now it’s time to be a little selfish.

It’s great to have an awesome website with valuable content. You know that you’ve managed to educate your visitors and answered all their questions. Feels great right?!

Sadly, that won’t make you money though. But affiliate partners will.

Affiliate partners make the difference between a hobby and an actual online income source.

In the end, you shouldn’t forget that your goal is to make moneyFind out if there are opportunities to incorporate ads and links into your niche website. These lead visitors to products that you’re recommending. They then can be traced back to your site and you earn commissions as a result.

If you’re desperate for some inspiration, take a look at Amazon’s affiliate programme. Why not become an expert in one of their product niches?
Trust us there are 
plenty of great choices out there…

Create Your Website

Last but not least – create your website.

There’s a good reason that this is the final step of the process. Imagine the frustration of setting up an entire site only to realise that there’s no way to make money with it!

You’ve found your perfect niche if it has little competition, a clear monetisation strategy and you are an expert in it.  

Only then is it time to build the perfect website around it. Choose an easy-to-navigate theme and write valuable content that will educate your visitors. Keep it interesting, informative and trustworthy.

After all this, nothing should keep you from making money with your niche website.

2) Create Your Online Business With Dropshipping

Your own online business? Sounds risky!

After all, it takes investments for the creation, production and storage of your products. Well, there actually is a way around that now and it’s called dropshipping.

Intriguing, right?

But what’s dropshipping and how can you earn money with it?

Sell Your Product Without Any Inventory

Dropshipping helps you to set up your online shop and sell your own products. How?

Well, these little fellows will drop from the sky to handle your shipping.

Dropshipping Parachute

Gotcha! That was a lie…

We might have taken dropshipping a bit too literally there.

But still, it’ll make your life a lot easier since you don’t have to worry about every single aspect of your business. 

You won’t have to worry, whether about production, storage or shipping.

Your supplier will ship all orders from their factory straight to your customers. In this way you can have a clear mind for what actually counts:

Great marketing to attract buyers.

Find a Product and Contact Suppliers

What’s the first step to start an online shop?

That’s right, a product.

Maybe you already have a good idea. Otherwise, take a look at what manufacturers have to offer to get inspired. It could be as simple as coming up with some cool slogans and print them on shirts.

Do you have a personal catchphrase that everybody recognises you by? There you go!

Keep in mind that your competitive advantage will be branding and digital marketing. Again keyword research won’t hurt to decide on a niche where you can produce interesting content.

Check out different suppliers to get inspired!

Chances are that you already heard of the Alibaba, the site that’s often called the “Chinese Amazon”. Their platform AliExpress is one potential supplier to dropship your goods. As usual, there are some challenges, especially when it comes to returns and refunds.

So do your research and be prepared to handle any problems. Murphy’s Law is out to get you.

Create a Website and Start Selling

And yet again, the final step is to create your website around the product you’re selling.

If you want to pick up web programming skills along the way, consider an online course, e.g. at Udemy. Or use services like Shopify and let them handle the website creation.

From there on, the suppliers will take over. For every sale you make, they’ll receive a notice from your website. Vice versa you’ll get notified once the product is on its way to the buyer.

You can coordinate that the delivery is in your name and even with some of your advertising material. All that’s left to do is to let your customer know that the product is on its way and that the transaction was successful.

It’s as simple as that.

At least it can be if you first get an informed opinion about how the entire process works. If you’re now intrigued and want to know more about dropshipping, read this extensive guide.

3) Become a Freelancer

Freelancing often is a way of earning an online income with your skills.

No matter if you’re a graphic designer, developer, IT guru or just good with words.

We promised you at the beginning of this post, that there will be “no previous knowledge required”. For the sake of staying true to that, let’s assume you’re a good writer and focus on freelance writing for now.

A short heads-up before we get deeper into the topic: 

Not everybody can live off freelance writing.

In fact, since it’s so easy to offer your writing skills online, there’s fierce competition. That makes it very difficult to find well-paid work, especially if you’re just starting out.

That being said, it’s a good way of making a little extra money at first. Who knows? Later it may turn into a full-time job that can provide for you.

Assuming you’re doing it right of course.

Freelance Writer Income

Write as a Freelancer

This time you can get right to it: Create a website!

It should display your services with a portfolio so that visitors know what to expect from your work. By all means, include a blog that demonstrates your writing skills and style. It could be about your life or even in a niche of your potential clients.

Then get out there! Offer your skills on one or better yet on all of the countless platforms for freelance writers. An example of a site for all kinds of freelancers is Fiverr.

To start out it may be a good idea to build yourself a strong reputation and good reviews. Try submitting some of your work to authority platforms for free.

But stay away from giving too many free samples.

Otherwise, some clients will never actually end up paying for your work. You need to know the value of your articles and communicate it. Negotiating is key in the world of freelance writing.

There is not much more to it.

But if you’re interested in more on the topic of freelance writing, you may want to read this article.

4) Teach an Online Course

Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher?

If not, you should reconsider. Teaching an online course may be one of the easiest ways of generating a passive online income. Plus, it has an insane hourly rate if you think about it. Here’s why:

By creating an online course, you’re putting in a few hours of work but the result will keep the money coming for weeks.

And you’re only two steps away from that.

Online Course Income

Find a Topic

Choose a topic that you’re already very familiar with. It needs to be easy for you to explain. Then make a clear structure of the content that you want to teach.

Start by reflecting on your own learning process. Which tips and tricks did help you to get a grasp of it? Write it down in a script to know exactly what to sayBecause let’s face it:

There’s nothing more irritating than a tutorial full of bad instructions, repetitions and “ers”.

After all, that’s your competitive advantage here. Free knowledge is out there on the web anyway. But people prefer to have it all in one place with a straightforward explanation. And that’s just one the reasons why online courses are a great way to make a passive online income.

Once you’re clear on the structure, start filming several videos to support your remarks. Do you want to share your coding knowledge? Then show your students immediately how the code looks like on the website!

Upload Your Course

Now all that’s left to do is to upload those videos to your own website or one of the many online course platforms. Keep an eye out for new sites since they will have less competition in your area.

Next step? Make money every time someone enrols in your course!

It’s that simple.

Just remember to give a step-by-step explanation with direct visualisation. And always make sure to answer all questions in your comments.

Then you’re all set for your teaching career!

5) Start a Blog

Next up: Start a blog as an online income source.

This one may seem like a no-brainer to you. And aren’t there way too many people writing blogs out there anyway?

Quite frankly, yes. But that shouldn’t hold you back!

If you have a story to tell that can help other people, then starting a blog may actually be the right choice for you. Chances are, you’re reading this article because you’re unhappy with your current job.

Why not give it a try and write about that?

Or maybe you’ve got a passion that you want to share with a greater community. You may not get lots of traffic at first but with some time and effort, it could become a solid income source.

How’s that, you ask?

Earn Online Income With Any Blog

You’ve already read the answer to that in the beginning of this article – it’s affiliate marketing.

Wait a minute! So what if your passion indeed is football? 

Didn’t we tell you before to find a niche with little competition and great monetisation opportunities? Fair enough but: 

In the end, the only currency that counts in digital marketing is traffic

Is your writing insanely captivating? Can you work your magic through social mediaOr do you have the SEO superpower to produce content that’s better than everything else out there?

Do whatever it takes to get people to read and return to your blog!

Because you can monetise this traffic.

Online Income Blog

Start out by adding Amazon or Google ads to the borders of your articles. As your followers increase, you’ll be able to land better deals on affiliate links. Or even sponsorships from companies in your area.

Do you want to set up your very own blog too? Get a picture of the process and potential online income sources on this homepage.

That’s it.
That’s all the online income opportunities we’ve got for now!

We hope that we managed to inspire you with at least one way to make money online. Rethink your situation and go through your options.

When you’ve found a new source of online income let us know! Or better yet visit us and share your experience at Coworking in the Sun in beautiful Tenerife.

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