Terms & Conditions

Registration, Payment and Booking Procedure

You can book a space by submitting a completed registration form on our website. The contract with Coworking in the Sun, referred to hereafter as CITS, is only considered concluded once you have received written confirmation of such a contract from CITS; if no such confirmation is received, you have no entitlement to the booked service.

You will need to pay the full amount on the invoice at least 21 days before the start of your stay with us. Your booking is not binding until we have received full payment.

After agreeing on the booking details of your coworking and/or coliving stay, we will send you confirmation of your booking along with the invoice.

When we receive the payment or payment confirmation, we will confirm the reservation with you and send all the necessary information to you by email.

How can I pay?

For a binding reservation of the coworking space during the rental period, payment of the full price is required.

Please pay by one of these methods:

1. Paypal or Stripe through our booking form.

3. For last minute bookings you can pay cash or via credit card at the reception of our academy. The opening hours are from Monday to Friday between 08:15 and 16:00.

C.C. La Cúpula, local 69. E-38400 Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. Phone: +34 922 389 303


For hot desks in the shared office space, cancellation or withdrawal is possible up to 7 days before the start of the rental period. For single offices, a cancellation notice of 21 days in advance is required.

After the beginning of the rental period, cancellation is possible always after 7 days (hot desks) or 21 days (single offices) from the date of notification.

Discounts granted for a rental agreement that exceeds 7 days are forfeited in the event of cancellation.

Public holidays and Opening Hours

We are open all year except on the following public holidays: 01.01., 06.01., 02.02., 01.04. and 02.04., 03.05., 13.07., 16.08., 12.10., 01.11., 06.12. and 08.12.

Opening hours

Reception hours: Monday to Friday from 08:15h to 16:00h.
Coworking opening hours: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 22:00h. 
Coworking private offices: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 22:00h. Weekends: 10:00 – 22:00h.

General Notes

MISCONDUCT: You are expected to display impeccable and disciplined conduct toward landlords, roommates, fellow participants, and all CITS staff/clients. CITS reserves the right to refuse admission or terminate a contract without notice and without a refund of fees, in the event of misconduct. You must then cover the costs for early departure.
You acknowledge that you will be liable for, and agree to indemnify us for, any damage caused to the Coworking Space, apartment or any other of our property, or for any claim brought against us, by malfunctioning or incorrectly used equipment brought into the Space by you, your employees, or your guests. This includes, but is not limited to, damage caused by non-compliant electrical equipment or electrical equipment not fit for use in Spain.

LIABILITY AND INSURANCE: We maintain a public liability insurance policy that covers the Space, and we carry our own contents insurance. Our contents insurance does not extend to your property or the property of your guests. You should make your own insurance arrangements to ensure that your property and any other liabilities are covered, including public liability and meeting any state or territory workers compensation insurance requirements.

MEETING SPACES AND SOUND ROOM: Communal meeting spaces or the soundproof room in the Space are available to you free of charge. These spaces are for the shared use of all clients, and meeting room bookings are limited to 2 hours. We do not provide any guarantees as to the availability or suitability of your desired meeting space and we reserve the right to vary your booking, or amend or suspend access to the meeting spaces as may be reasonably necessary from time to time.

SILENT COWORKING: Our shared coworking room is a ”silent space” – Calls in the working area are not allowed. You can reserve the meeting room for calls and audio recordings for a max. of 2 hours per day but if you are working at a call center or you need to have calls all day long, this place won’t fit you.

FREE LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Free time activities arranged by FU International Academy is an additional service provided, with the school as intermediary party. The activities are offered to the students of the FU International Academy and the Coworking clients. New students and coworkers are always given priority when it comes to participation in the activities. Although we always care for the service provided and communicate frequently with the operating partners, we do not take responsibility for their actions. Accordingly, we also inform you that, when accidents occur during the free time activities, the damages should be assumed by your insurance or the insurance of the operating partners.

TRIAL SURF LESSON: One trial surf lesson costs 30€ per person. The lesson can only be organised for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 people. If more than 6 people sign up for the trial lesson, we  hold the right to either draw the participants or to organise a second surf day.

PHOTOS: During daily life and leisure activities, we may take pictures or record videos of our clients. If you do not consent to pictures of you being published on our web page, facebook, or other media related to CITS, please advise us in advance so that we can take it into account.

What Do You Wish To Book?

Single Desk

Get the best out of working abroad by booking a single chair in our large open-space coworking room.

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Office 2

Private Office

Our brand new private offices provide you with maximum privacy and comfort. For you and your whole team.

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