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We offer 20 fully equipped desks at our school, the FU International Academy Tenerife.

Work, live and party together with digital nomads, online marketing students, Spanish learners and other like-minded people from all over the world.

Besides the Coworking and Co-living experience you can join our certified Spanish courses and digital marketing training.

After work, the dream island of Tenerife is yours to explore and enjoy. The year-round spring-feel of the island will give you that holiday vibe and, apart from having the opportunity to make the most of the Spanish way of life, you will be able to go diving, surfing, climbing, hiking, paragliding…or just watch the sun sink slowly below the horizon with an ice-cold drink in hand.

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Equipment and Services

Free Weekly Leisure Activities

  • Monday 11 am – Welcome breakfast

  • Monday 2:30 pm – Visit to the Botanical Garden

  • Tuesday 2:30 pm – Flamenco lessons

  • Wednesday 2:30 pm – Salsa lessons

  • Friday 4 pm – Beach-Volleyball

  • Weekends – There are plenty of things to do on the weekends

    We plan barbecues and hikes together with the entire staff, and you will also have the option of booking excursions to different places of interest on Tenerife and La Gomera. Talk to other students and coworkers to find out what they have been up to.

  • Enjoy Tenerifes green vegetation
  • Go dancing with other coworkers
  • flamenco lessons next to your office
  • Play voleybal after work
  • natural pools of tenerife
  • Connect to other remote workers
  • Ping-pong next to the workation Camp
  • Futbolin next to the workation camp

Additional Offers: Coworking+

Coliving at puerto de la cruz

+ Co-Living (122€/week, 6 nights, Sun/Sat)

You share a fully-equipped apartment with two other students or co-workers.

The apartment includes 3 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, one kitchen, DSL-connection and it is only a 10-minute walk to your desk.

Alternative accommodation can also be arranged. Just ask for it!

Digital nomad at work

+ Online Marketing Classes

Learn online marketing.

We are a team of 6 marketers and we love what we do – working and teaching  digital marketing full-time.

Find out more about our seminars, workshops and training options at SEOintheSUN.

Learn Spanish next to your office

+ Spanish Lessons

The FU International Academy is an accredited Spanish language school.

If you want to take advantage of the opportunity to learn Spanish as well, you can take part in one of our courses.

For further information check out the website of FU International Academy Tenerife .


Hang ten on our local beaches with trained surfing teachers. Combine your work days with a 10-hour surfing course – and spend five afternoons in the rolling waves. Give your body and mind a real holiday, get super fit and have fun, too.

Tenerife’s varied coastline offers ample opportunities for you to explore many different underwater habitats. From the “Cathedral” off the coast of Puerto de la Cruz to the giant ray’s feeding ground in the south; each dive is unique.

There are many vantage points in Tenerife from which you can catch the thermals and fly as free as bird. Flying in tandem with an experienced instructor will give you the confidence to launch yourself into this brilliant new sport.
(100€/tandem flight)

Tenerife offers marvelous cycling routes all around the island. Even cyclists participating in the Tour de France, train in Tenerife to improve their skills. Don’t worry though, because there are many routes for every level on the island.

Although Tenerife is the perfect location for you to participate in outdoor activities, you do have the option of exercising before or after work in our in-house fitness center. Join group fitness classes or work out on the fitness machines. Hit the gym – stay fit!

Virgin forests, sleepy villages, moonscape deserts, volcanic caves and beautiful coastlines; hiking in Tenerife features an incredible variety of landscapes in a small area throughout the entire year. Pack your backpack and let`s go!

Do you get bored after relaxing on the beach for 15 minutes? Do you want some excitement? How about a climbing tour? Sounds great? Well, do not miss out on Tenerife’s climbing trails. We know the best rock climbing spots, so ask us for more information.

Addicted to water and wind? El Médano is well-known among the lovers of windsurfing and kitesurfing. In this small coastal town, you will find the best wind conditions on the island.
Take the chance and fly freely across the water.

Check Out Our Blogs – We Post Every Week!

Check out our blogs to find out what’s going on at the FU International Academy and at SEOintheSUN in Puerto de la Cruz.




One Day
Daily +7% Taxes
€ 19
Free Leisure Activities
Use of Lounge
Use of Soundproof Room
Use of Meeting Rooms
Cleaning Service
LCD Display
flexible desk
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5 Days
Monthly +7% Taxes
€ 75
Free Leisure Activities
Use of Lounge
Use of Soundproof Room
Use of Meeting Rooms
Cleaning Service
LCD Display
flexible desk
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One Week
Weekly +7% Taxes
€ 65
Co-living € 122 (optional)
Free Leisure Activities
Use of Lounge
Use of Soundproof Room
Use of Meeting Rooms
Cleaning Service
LCD Display
flexible desk
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Four Weeks
Monthly +7% Taxes
€ 195
Co-living € 488 (optional)
Free Leisure Activities
Use of Lounge
Use of Soundproof Room
Use of Meeting Rooms
Cleaning Service
LCD Display
fix desk
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Three Months
Monthly + 7% Taxes
€ 120
Co-living € 488 (optional)
Free Leisure Activities
Use of Lounge
Use of Soundproof Room
Use of Meeting Rooms
Cleaning Service
LCD Display
fix desk
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Contact and Reservations


FU International Academy Tenerife
Avenida Marques Villanueva del Prado
C.C. La Cúpula Local 69, Urb La Paz
38400 Puerto de la Cruz
Tenerife, Spain
Tel: +34 922 389303

After agreeing on the booking details of your coworking and coliving stay, we will send you a confirmation of your booking along with the invoice.

You will need to pay the full amount on the invoice at least 21 days before the start of your stay with us. Your booking is not binding until we have received full payment.

When we receive the payment or payment confirmation, we will confirm the reservation with you and send all the necessary information to you by e-mail.

Payment options:

  1. Make a bank transfer using the information given below. All transfers must clearly indicate the applicant’s full name and the length of their coworking booking.

BANK: LaCaixa. ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2100 6971 50 2200057914
IBAN: ES16 2100 6971 5022 0005 7914 BIC/SWIFT: CAIXESBBXXX

  1. Pay per Paypal to [email protected]
  2. Pay cash or via credit card at the reception of our academy. The opening hours are from Monday to Friday between 08:45 and 16:00.


All cancellations must be made in written form.

The deposit, or the coworking or coliving fees of the first week and then for every upcoming week, are not refundable.

Booking changes:

You must pay a €20 administration fee for each requested change of an already confirmed booking.

For further information regarding your stay with us, please read the conditions below.

Monday to Friday    09.00h – 16.00h

Coworking Space
Monday to Friday    08.00h – 22.00h
Weekends   15.00h – 22.00h

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