WiFi-Tribe offers the possibility of working and exploring the world on expeditions through Latin America. In March, the journey goes to Argentina, where WiFi-Tribe welcomes you to Buenos Aires, that is sometimes referred to as the “Paris of South America”.


Office equipment:

The Wifi-Tribe community asks for speed tests from each location and gets to the place before everyone else arrives to see if the internet is not good enough. Becauese if it’s not, they will upgrade it to the possible maximum.

On the expedition to Argentina, you will have finally an internet connection with 24 Mb-download in the flat. So you will therefore be able to work easily from your new home.


Two apartments in one building that offer a space for 15 people. In addition, you have a big terrace with a view over Buenos Aires. Especially relevant for the digital nomads, WiFi-Tribe will establish a good internet connection in each of the two apartments. 

In conclusion, there will be enough space for work and play in this apartment – that will let you feel comfortable and be productive.

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Leisure time activities:

First of all, Argentina offers a lot of adventures and leisure time activities that you could participate in, such as:

  • trekking
  • horse riding
  • white water rafting
  • rock- and ice-climbing
  • skiing

Furthermore, you can find nightlife activities around the clock. After sunset, you will see the streets filling with the people of Buenos Aires. Tango dance performers will open their own stage at the streets and people will probably surround them to watch this sensual latin dance.


The Apartment lies in the district of San Telmo, Recoleta and Palermo. From here, you will be able to explore the bohemian neighbourhood.  In this district you can find chic boutiques, café patios and tango bars. Furthermore, located next to  your apartment is Plaza Holanda and the Park El Rosedal.

Number of participants:

First of all, there are small groups of 12-18 participants selected by the WiFi-community. As can be found on their site, the community puts a lot of effort into finding smart, humble, fun, respectful, creative and ethical persons, because they want to find participants who like to contribute to each other’s success.


You can easily arrive at your Apartment from the Airport in less than one and a half hour. The transport is not provided by WiFi-Tribe, but you can be advised about transportation if you are unsure about how to get to your apartment.

Special Features:

One of the excursions will be a trip with one of the highest railways in the world. You will be transported above the clouds at an altitude of 4200m.

The 450,000 cubic litres of the Iguaza Falls – the biggest after the Niagara Falls – will impress you and leave you in awe of this incredible wonder of nature.

Slow-Traveling” the world is one of WiFi-Tribe’s keywords – this means to understand, to feel and to try the live in the destination that you travel to.


Private Room: $1400

Shared Room: $800

With the WiFi-Tribe Membership, you will get a discount if you sign up for additional workations that are offered this year throughout Latin America.

Are you ready for this stunning new experience? For more info please view here.