With the Women’s Workation, Refuga organises an exchange platform for International Female Entrepreneurs who will explore Morocco together. Join them for a once in a lifetime experience.

Office equipment:

The Villa offers enough space for you to sit down and relax with your working equipment. With open-lighted rooms you will have the perfect place for networking and talking with other entrepreneurs. Also, high-speed internet will be available free of charge for you in the Villa.


This Villa in Morocco, that’s 15-min by car to the coastal city Essaouira, will be your home during this stay. In addition to the beautiful rooms, the Villa includes fireplaces and two swimming pools. Furthermore, delicious Moroccan food will be prepared for you for the entire week. Shared rooms and private rooms are available. And first of all, traditional Moroccan food and drinks will be available at all times.

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  • refuga-women-morocco-essaouira-coast
  • refuga-women-morocco-essaouira-centre

Leisure time activities:

There will be a Yoga session every day in the mornings. Between the various activities, you can relax, work, hang out at the pool or do whatever you choose. Furthermore, the next city of Essaouira is full of small arts and crafts – an invitation for you to take a leisurely walk through the city. Next to this city, in the south (Sidi Kaouki), you can find a kitesurfing and windsurfing place.


The Villa in Morocco is fifteen minutes away from the city of Essaouira, by car. Finally you will arrive there on the second day, after the first trip and one night in Marrakech. Essaouira is a small city with a habour at the atlantic coast. And you can find a nice centre that is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage.

Number of participants:

The Villa is prepared for 20 participants. The people who join the trips from Refuga are open-minded, ambitious and positive. Entrepreneurs are joining the trips, but you don’t have to be an entrepreneur – an open mindset and a positive work attitude, with the ability and desire to change things for a better future, is enough to take part.


There will be transportation to and from the Villa to the Airport. Especially relevant for you is: One of the Refuga organizers will pick you up at the airport in Marrakech on the 24th of March, and will take you back on the 31st for your return flight.

Special features:

Included in this Workation is a Trip to Marrakech, where you can feel, taste and discover the Moroccan culture. During this stay, you with other participants, entrepreneurs and craftsmen, will get the opportunity to learn something about the local business in a meet-up. Probably an interesting experience for every participant. At the Villa you can do Workshops, which will be available during the whole stay. Therefore you can feel free to participate in yoga sessions every morning.


1 Person – $1750

2 Persons – $1650 per person

Special Price for “Refuga Alumni”- $1550

Are you ready for this stunning new experience? For more info please view here.