For Digital Nomads. For Journalists. For Freelancers. For Online Marketers. For Dropouts.  For New Beginners. For Writers. For Business Travelers. For Lateral Thinkers. For Creative People. For Lone Warriors. For Teamplayers. For Bloggers. For Those Who Want To Escape From Winter. For Sunbathers. For YOU. 

After all it was just a question of time until we came up with this.

Somehow it may remind one of this story that artists tell about their sculptures, when they say:

“The sculpture had already been inside that stone, I just had to set it free!”

Well, in our case there was nothing we had to set free – the rooms, fully equipped and ready to use, are already waiting for you. Just like our own Cafeteria with it´s sunny terrace and the best coffee you can get by far. 

And it’s never boring here! Having all those nice students around us, who are learning Spanish at the FU International Academy or we exploring the world of Online Marketing with us at SEOintheSUN, there’s always action and fun. We really enjoy this exciting, creative and inspiring atmosphere very much! 

It just took us some time until it hit us that we could share all of this with other people. This is a perfect environment for people who would love to enjoy Tenerife and work on their OWN projects. 

It was a very short way from coming up with the idea until its realisation. And now everything is perfectly prepared for you! 

Come by and work with us, explore this amazing island, plunge into our lively and creative atmosphere and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean with all your senses.

… You would love to travel to Tenerife and work on your own projects while enjoying your own attractive, nice and fully equipped high-class working space? Explore our rooms and book your own working space – for as long as you want! 

… You would love the opportunity to not only work here but also take some Spanish lessons with professional teachers? You can! Here at FU International Academy you can learn Spanish directly from native speakers! 

… You would also love to acquire new skills in Online Marketing or improve those that you already bring with you? Even that is possible! Here at SEOintheSUN you have the opportunity to book single Online Marketing Seminars! You can find out more about the courses here. 

… You would love to fully take advantage of your leisure time on this beautiful island? Salsa, Surfing, Paragliding? Just ask! We can offer the very best tips and even organise lots of them directly at the FU Academy! 

… You want to know whether you can book your accommodation here? Yes, you can! Low prices, fully equipped and close to the school! 

Now you’d really want to check out the details right?

Here is a preview of equipment & services at your Co-Working Space

  • 300 MBit Internet Speed (Up & Download)

  • Flexible work stations

  • Free meeting rooms

  • Reception from 08:00 to 17.00

  • Soundproof room for online conferences and video editing

  • Cleaning Service

  • Lockers

  • IT Service

  • Access and designated parking for the disabled

  • Our own Cafe with a large sun terrace

  • Free parking space

Optional extras you can book

  • Digital Marketing Training Courses

  • Spanish courses at our language school accredited by the Instituto Cervantes

  • Cheap accommodation options in shared flats

What else? 

  • It’s a great environment among young, ambitious people
  • There are lots of free leisure activities after work and at the weekend

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

See you in Tenerife!

Your team at “Coworking in the Sun”.