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The 17 Most Awesome + Free eBooks


The 3rd Global Coworking Survey

The 3rd global Coworking survey by, the biggest coworking magazine in the world.

Primarily covered three topics:

  • Coworker
  • Coworking Space
  • Coworking Forecast

The results of the survey are well illustrated in the form of graphs, charts and metrics data. The illustrations are very clear and easy to understand.

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Coworking Manual

A manual that gives an insight into a China based Coworking business and explains how to launch a similar business.

The authors of the Manual are the first Coworking start up in China.

They created this manual to share their development and experiences and hope to inspire and encourage more people to do the same.

Coworking Ebook Cover Making Space for others

Making Space for Others

A resource for anyone who wants to create a better workspace.

This report tries to understand how the socio-economic factors that spawned coworking will continue to affect our workspaces for the better – and with this create tools to make it happen.

By Katy Jackson. This report was completed as the final project of her Masters Degree at Hyper Island.

A Starter Guide

Coworking in Vermont: A Starter Guide

Coworking starter guide written by Lars Hasselblad Torres with support from the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies Farm.

A guideline that explains the necessity of Coworking, strategies for developing Coworking Spaces and how to apply these strategies.It includes a check list and project projections with examples that will help you to plan a Coworking business.

The creative Spark cover

Igniting an Idea: The Creative Spark

A global report about how Coworking Spaces could change the working lives of millions. A brief growth analysis of the global coworking economy and it’s future.

The key concept of Coworking Spaces, Coworking Service and Coworking Operators are well described in this workshop.


The Co-Working space concept

This document illustrates the key concept of Coworking Spaces and explains how they are created to match specific demands.

It points out the main benefits of Coworking Spaces and identifies the basic services offered by Coworking Spaces.

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The Workshop: Coworking

A global report about how Coworking Spaces could change the working lives of millions. A brief growth analysis of the global coworking economy and it’s future.

The key concept of Coworking Spaces, Coworking Service and Coworking Operators are well described in this workshop.


Building Science 2013: Coworking Space

This one focuses basically on the trend of Coworking and how rapidly the number of Coworking Spaces has increased since 2006.

Various Graphs, Charts and Metrics data give you a clear idea about different aspects of Coworking Spaces. Furthermore it includes an analysis report about Coworking Spaces in rural areas.

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Coworking By The Numbers

An emergent research about Coworking by Steve King. The three main agendas of Coworking cover numbers, drivers and outlook.

Many easy understandable graphics about the trend of Coworking. Moreover it contains forecasts of Coworking for the next five years.


Coworking is for Corporates

By Julia Penfold, a Global Portfolio Solutions Director. The focus is Coworking as a need for corporations.

Provides information about the past, present and future of Coworking.

It explains well what criteria Coworking has to fulfil to match the demands of Corporate workers.


Project your Space– Research Data

The purpose of this document is to provide useful information for coworkers as well as coworking space operators. It shows the results of a research that surveyed 217 coworkers.

Furthermore it will guide you when planning a Coworking Space. You will get a clear picture of the Coworking trend from different graphs, charts and metrics data.


Collaborative Spaces – Technical Notes

The work of the European BIC Network in partnership with Global Enterprise.

Collaborative spaces for microentrepreneurs.

It defines the main features of Coworking and Hybrid Coworking spaces.

Successful Coworking Spaces are introduced and analysed.


The Coworking Revolution

The purpose of this report is to give an idea of the Coworking Revolution.

It highlights the story behind the trend of Coworking Spaces.

You will get an overview on:


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Collaborative Innovation: Coworking

A report about the collaborative innovation of Coworking workspace.

Insight into how to build a Coworking Workspace.

It contains research data and innovations in Coworking which will help you develop your own Coworking space.

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Power of Collaboration

Provides many facts about Coworking and how companies cope with this trend.

Comparison between Coworking and Incubation will give you a clearer idea about this topic.

The Principles of Coworking Management will help you start your own Coworking business or become  inspired.

Coworking Ebook

Spaces For Creative People: Coworking

What kind of Spaces the Creative Class is looking for?

The trend of Coworking is particularly important for the creative industry.

It focuses on spaces for developers, writers and independents.

Contains some unique examples of Coworking Spaces.


Coworking Office Building Guide – Madrid

Madrid based Coworking office infrastructure guidelines.

The dynamics of coworking are well defined.

The strategy and map analysis will help you to develop your own coworking space.

The 6 Best Infographics about Coworking

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