Do you picture yourself crossing the Atlantic on an adventure cruise with 200 like-minded digital nomads? Perhaps you’d enjoy exploring South Africa’s wine regions or discover authentic Thai culture by visiting Buddhist temples surrounded by luscious jungle.

All of this is possible when you are location-independent. You just have to find out where you’d like to go for your workation retreat.

There are so many options out there, that it’s virtually impossible to decide. We’d love to help you find the perfect match for your remote work location.

Here are the Top 5 workation offers for this fall:

Travel the world. Build cool things. Meet awesome people.

Dates of Camp:
Cape Town, South Africa:17.09.2017 – 09.12.2017
Chiang Mai, Thailand:22.10.2017 – 18.11.2017
Phnom Penh, Cambodia:19.11.2017 – 16.12.2017

In 2014, Hacker Paradise started with their first workation in Costa Rica. Since then, they have continued organizing workation trips all over the world.
Participants are usually remote workers, digital nomads and people focusing on personal projects.

More than 400 people have already joined them on their three-months long workations. The Hacker Paradise team is known for choosing great places.

The upcoming ones are Cape Town in South Africa, Chiang Mai in Thailand and Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

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You will find everything in a Cape Town workation 72 beaches, 307 km of coastline and huge mountains. Besides, there are more than 200 wine cellars around. Stellenbosch, Paarl, Franschhoek and Wellington – wine fans may know the four wine regions in that area.

Surrounded by jungle and vegetation, Chiang Mai is the home to Thailand’s highest mountain. Dive into a special spiritual atmosphere and explore more than 300 Buddhist temples on your workation.
You can find a
Western-style mall closeby, which has all the comforts of home you may crave. Plus, did you know the number of 7-11s in Thailand is the second highest in the world?


Hacker Paradise collaborates with coworking spaces at each location. This way, they can always guarantee a desk with stable, high-quality wifi connection.

Their partner in South Africa is CoworKite. As the name suggests, this is not only a 24/7 coworking space with high-speed fiber optic, but also a fantastic place for kitesurf lovers.

Chiang Mai’s coworking space CAMP also provides 24/7 access, where you even have private rooms. The Green Penthouse in Phnom Penh offers a multi-level coworking space with panoramic glasshouse viewing deck, a cinema screen, … deluxe.


Accommodations vary from place to place, and they always make sure that everyone gets their own private room. Apartments in Blouberg, Cape Town, are located within a walking distance to the beach.

In Chiang Mai, you will sleep in hotel suites five minutes away from the coworking space – between the Old City and the university.
Phnom Penh comes along either with spacious apartments or a few good deals at a nearby five-star resort.

If you prefer a place of your own choice and don’t mind a little research, go for the “Minimum Viable Paradise” package. You can find your own accommodation but work at coworking spaces of Hacker Paradise to enjoy the community aspect of a workation.


Cape Town:Chiang Mai:
Try all kinds of watersports, from diving and snorkeling to sailing, surfing, and kiteboarding.Visit Festival of Lights.
(November 2-4)
Meet penguins, whales, or – if you need a special kick – try cage diving with great white sharks or go on a safari.Challenge yourself with Muay Thai, a type of martial art born in Thailand.
Hike through vineyards and the countryside, or go even more extreme and conquer Mount Kilimanjaro.Become a master chef at a Thai cooking class, or explore the local food scene at street and night markets.
Join the weekly live music performance at the Kirstenbosch Garden (which hosts over 7,000 plant species!).Discover hikes, treks and ziplines through the jungle, or go on a trip to one of Thailand’s 1,400 islands with turquoise water.
Take care of abused or injured elephants.

Number of participants:

Hacker Paradise doesn’t have a limit on their number of workation participants. Normally, small groups of 20 people stay at their locations.


The price includes your stay with Hacker Paradise. They don’t arrange transportation, but will help you find the best solution.

Special features:

Their trips are typically three months long, but don’t worry if you can’t stay that long. You can go for as little as two weeks.
Besides workshops, talks and other work related specials, Hacker Paradise offers a wide range of leisure time activities which vary from location to location.


Paradise Package
(Program + Housing)
Minimum Viable Paradise
(Program only)
Cape Town:
Short Term:$750/week$375/week
South East Asia:
Short Term:$700/week$350/week

* Short Term: 2 weeks, Regular: 4-12 weeks


* Good price-performance ratio, stable wifi connection, time flexibility *

Inspiring & connecting location independent girls around the world.

Dates of Camp:18.09.2017 – 27.09.2017

This retreat is only for our female digital nomads. Meet fellow location independent women, like-minded business girls and make new nomad friends.

Digital Nomad Girls Retreat offers 10 days of fun, sharing and networking for freelancers, online business owners, remote workers and office employees of all ages. There’s just one catch: girls only.

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Located between Valencia and Alicante, Javéa forms a part of Costa Blanca, Spain’s east coast. You will have the chance to enjoy the coastal side and everything that comes with it, as well as bigger cities and the historical old town of Javéa.


At the well-established coworking space Sun and Co., you get super fast wifi in a workspace with natural light. You will also find plenty of spots around here to gain inspiration, organize your thoughts, and get some work done.


In a newly refurbished 19th-century historic building you will share a room with either 1 or 3 other girls.

All rooms have enough storage, lockers and air conditioning. There is a limited number of private rooms available on request. Bathrooms will be shared.


In order to get the most out of your workation in Javéa, you have to find a good work-life balance. Explore the beautiful city itself by strolling through narrow alleys and walking around by the coast.

Taste local wine and food; enjoy yoga sessions at the beach; swim in the ocean at sunrise; hike, kayak and snorkel – there is plenty to do here.

Number of participants:

There is a maximum of 18 girls which aims to create a close-knit, homey atmosphere.


You will have to take care of transport yourself, but Digital Nomad Girls will send you detailed instructions in your welcome pack once you sign up for the retreat.

Special features:

Fast wifi in the coworking space and work related sessions like skill shares or mastermind groups are included, as well as hiking trips and yoga sessions.

You have the possibility to extend your stay at Sun and Co. after the 10 days. Just mention it in the application form.


Quad Room:
4 girls, spacious room, courtyard view
Full Price:
Triple Room:
3 girls, spacious room, en-suite bathroom
Full Price:
Twin Room:
girls, sunny room
Full Price:

Limited private rooms are available on request at an additional cost.


* Well-proofed location, wifi guaranteed, only female digital nomads, only short time *

We Roam – Workation Itinerary

The professional remote work program.

Dates of Camp:
October:Chiang Mai,
South Korea

If you’d like a rich workation itinerary, consider We Roam. Traveling the world, in the upcoming months they will stop in metropolises like Berlin, Seoul, Prague, Chiang Mai or Belgrade. Join them on one of their different routes or just for the cities you like best – it’s up to you.

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Centrally located rooms and coworking spaces in safe and culturally relevant areas are the base of We Roam in every city.

Known for its diversity, old castles and squares, Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, has some of the best beer in the world.

Chiang Mai, called Thailand’s northern capital, is surrounded by wild jungle and plenty of waterfalls. Combining unspoiled nature with a historic center and many temples, the city is becoming a major player in both local and foreign industries.
Just to mention some of the places you can stay at.


You will have a 24/7 access to selected shared workspaces. Make use of the possibility to join every online meeting you like, regardless of time zones, and stay connected all around the clock.


We Roam provides private rooms in every city. Located in the center, they choose modern accommodation options to make sure you enjoy your stay to the fullest. We Roam books rooms in safe areas in every city.


Take a break on your workation and join your favourite leisure activities. Location-dependently they offer surf sessions or hikes, boat and picnic days, as well as wine and coffee tastings.

Immerse yourself into the culture through trips to festivals, local market shopping and cooking classes.

Don’t be a tourist, and take part in the free language class offered in each city in order to gain some basic linguistic skills.

Number of participants:

Get inspired by a group of fellow digital nomads of 30 – 40 people. The different trip routes will take you to new places every month.


Getting to the location you want to start from and leaving your departure destination is the only thing you have to do yourself.

Everything else is covered by We Roam: travel between destinations as well as transportation to/from airports and bus/train stations.

Special features:

We Roam arranges various events like conferences, expos and skydiving. Participate in work related activities and get to help local communities.

Stay healthy mentally and physically on your workation through their free sports class, available once per month. You can also benefit from discounts at local gyms.

Attend guest speaker and networking events. We Roam offers local business tours in order to help you improve your skills and connect with fellow remote workers.


Reservation Fee: $2,000 – $5,000 (shorter trips = smaller fee)
Monthly Fee: $2,000 (12 month program – includes last month free)

Keep in mind that there is a minimum stay of 3 months.


* New month – new city, different itineraries, minimum stay of 3 months on each route *

Work and Play in Tenerife

Dates of Camp:14.09.2017 – 21.09.2017

Focused on location independent workers, Remote Workers wants to help beginners as well as professionals concentrate and improve their businesses.

With the help of great mentors and experts in their fields, you will learn how to create your brand identity. Find more customers, expand your business and meet inspiring people while enjoying local activities.

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The Workation Camp will take place at the Wolfhouse. Located near Los Gigantes, in the south west of Tenerife, you will have a beautiful view of the Atlantic ocean.

Learn more about our beautiful island in our blog post 22 Reasons Why Digital Nomads Should Visit Tenerife.


Wolfhouse provides a 24/7 access to spacious desks in a fully-equipped working space.This includes fast internet and an espresso machine. On top of that, they also have ergonomic chairs, screens, whiteboards, a printer and a scanner.

Besides the office space, they offer some privacy in a separate Skype room. You can find a relaxed workplace with bean bags on the outdoor terrace.


You will stay in apartments. Every apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, ocean view and a terrace, flat screen and cable TV. You’re also covered with wifi all around.


Water sport enthusiasts will find various activities, such as beginners surf courses, SUP excursions in the cliff area of Los Gigantes, or kayaking.
If you’d rather stay on solid ground, 
hike to the Masca Mountains or Spain’s highest mountain, the famous Mount Teide.

Go partying in Tenerife’s capital Santa Cruz; be productive and work on your own projects while tanning in the garden or just hang out by the pool.

Number of participants:

In order to make the best out of the space, the number is limited to 18.


The price includes the Remote Workers Camp at Wolfhouse. The Wolfhouse Team will help you if you have any questions and will arrange airport transfers or car rentals.
Since Tenerife has two airports and great bus connections, you’ll easily make your way there.

Special features:

Workshops and mastermind sessions will help you with your business, while chatting with like-minded people will inspire you. Outdoor activities like exploring Tenerife or various kinds of watersports will let you discover something special every day.

PLUS: Every participant of the Remote Workers Camp will get a 40% off Nomad City 2017 conference, which takes place in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria right after.


The total price is 450€.

This includes:

  • Wristband for access to the program & mentoring
  • Coworking office space for work
  • Accommodation in apartment with an ocean view
  • 2x Grill party with food & drinks included
  • Remote Workers T-Shirt
  • 40% off Nomad City Conference in Las Palmas


* Perfect for starters, wifi guaranteed, well-proofed location, option to continue with another workation *

Special Insider Travel Tips:

How to make the best out of your remote work experience: connect different events from our list!

SO: There is the Remote Workers Camp at Wolfhouse
on Tenerife from 14.09. – 21.09.2017

As Tenerife and Gran Canaria both belong to the Canary Islands, you should consider taking part in the following events right after:

  • Nomad City in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria,
    from 18.09. – 24.09.2017

    In this premier European event you will meet and network with other
    digital nomads of all nationalities and advance your business.

    Get a 40% by joining the Remote Workers Camp before!)
  • Right after that, the Nomad Cruise leaves port from Las Palmas to PanamaRead more about it in our next and last event in our Top 5 Workation list!

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Dates of Camp:25.09.2017 – 08.10.2017

Broaden your mind while crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Share your ideas with about 200 digital nomads during a fourteen-day cruise from Gran Canaria, Spain to Colon, Panama.

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The trip starts in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. The end destination harbour is Colon, Panama.

After being in the Atlantic Ocean for a week, you will explore the Caribbean islands of St Maarten, Curacao and Aruba, all of which belong to the Netherlands.


While all meals and drinks are included, internet might lack from time to time. As you can imagine, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Nomad Cruise unfortunately cannot guarantee stable wifi during the entire journey.

The team suggests to put your laptop down and focus on networking with fellow travellers instead. There are also enough talks, workshops and meetups to keep you inspired.

If you don’t want to go on a digital detox, get an unlimited wifi pack for 20$/day.


Want to save money and don’t really care about luxury rooms? Do you prefer to sleep in comfort, with a nice view and a deluxe room?
On the 268m long Pullmantur MONARCH, one of the largest ships in the Pullmantur fleet, you have the choice between three cabin options.

The Inside Cabin has no windows but has a private bathroom with shower, which is pretty much the same as the Outside Cabin which includes a window.

For more comfort, choose the Deluxe Cabin on the upper deck where rooms and windows are bigger.


As it is their fifth time at sea, Nomad Cruise is experienced enough to not let you get bored while being on a ship for two weeks. Join some of the 40 events, including workshops, meetups, talks and mastermind sessions.

Too much work? Free your mind while taking part in different activities on deck: sunrise meditation, jam sessions, gym, basketball, …

Number of participants:

Nomad Cruise will pick 200 creative, like-minded people to create a productive atmosphere and make the best out of your stay.
You will find other travellers on board as well.


The group will set sail together in Las Palmas on the 25th of September. You have the freedom to decide what to do before and after the trip. You can count on Nomad Cruise for useful tips and reach out if you have any questions.

Special features:

You will be crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a vibrant, open-minded community. In the archipelago of Bocas Del Toro, Nomad Cruise will organize several meetups after the tour.

You can also explore Panama with them after arriving at Colon. Venture out to the rainforest to feel some ground under your feet after having been at sea for so long.

If the fresh ocean breeze got you hooked, you can choose to stay on a -smaller- boat and sail between tropical islands. There are plenty of options.


Shared Cabin
(two pax):
Single Cabin:850€900€1050€

Not included: Service charges 134€ (to be paid on board)


* Unique experience, well-established trip, optimal price-performance ratio, connected to other events *

In order to help you with your decision, we’ve added a rating to every workation.

Each trip is a great opportunity to meet new people, create and share ideas. Explore new places and make memories.

Whether you go for a short-term workation like crossing the Atlantic with Nomad Cruise, or choose to travel long-term with We Roam, you will definitely have an unforgettable experience!

Interested? Stay tuned for more!

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