What The Hell Is A Workation???

Let’s try it with a short definition…

Take your online work with you, meet like-minded creative people at beautiful locations and get to live with them for a specified period

A simple idea with great potential. Don’t let your projects get dull because of monotone influences such as always being in the same location, being around the same people or experiencing the same weather.

Workations provide you with the opportunity to get inspired by other motivated, mostly digital, coworkers. In addition, you’ll be in a wonderful location where you will live and socialize with them. “Work-and-Travel-Camps” are likely to become very popular among digital nomads and remote workers. The trend is already rising!

That’s no surprise at all. Workation camps offer you the possibility to live a new kind of working experience. They are situated on the most beautiful spots in the world and  their organizers will mostly arrange everything for you. From accommodation in own facilities or close by, up to catering with own cooks to the organization of free time activities and local tours. Fast internet, great people, inspiration and good atmosphere are always included.

Short: It simply represents a new lifestyle.

There are two different types of workation camps. The first are limited in time, from one week to a couple of months sometimes. They offer only certain start dates for your workation.

The second are well-established coworking spaces with coliving options, like “Coworking in the Sun“, that can be visited all year long.

Two things you should ensure before choosing a workation

  • Be informed about the internet connection. It’s essential for digital workers to have a fast and stable internet connection! If you can’t find any exact information about the internet connection on the website, write an e-mail to the organisers and inquire about it. If you want to be on the absolute safe side, demand a screenshot of an internet speed test report (e.g. of www.speedtest.net). There is nothing worse and more annoying to online entrepreneurs than being offline.
  • Note all additional costs. Check what is included in the price of the workation camps and pre-determine what you will have to pay for on your own (food, excursions, …). You don’t want this stay to end up being much more expensive than you planned.

After that it’s so simple to start:

  1. Get informed about the dates and places.
  2. Sign up.
  3. Look forward to this adventure!

Do you want to know where to find the best workation camps on the planet?

Stop searching, and start scrolling down, now!

About the Author:

I'm still not a digital nomad but I absolutely love the spirit of the movement. Until I'll become a nomad by myself I write about the topic and welcome nomads and wannabes to our Coworking Space in Tenerife, the island I'm calling home since 1998.
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