Make Money With Inbound Marketing

César Pietri is an expert in inbound marketing and long-time trainer at our digital marketing school SEOintheSUN. This May, he’s ready to share his experience with you as our next digital nomad trainer.

Inbound marketing? What’s that and how will it help you as a digital nomad?

To put it simply it’s the opposite of traditional advertising. The goal is to attract visitors and convert them into leads. Or better yet into clients – all without bombarding them with leaflets or TV ads.

The idea is that they’ll be ‘pulled into your website’ because of your unique and helpful content.

Today, this is how César earns 100% of his income online and already does so for the past six years!

By building and improving the web presences of companies all around the world. He’s completely location independent since he can work online. Especially that should sound interesting to all digital nomads!

On top of that, he already has taught his knowledge to over 3,000 students in his own online course. Now take your chance to pick his brains and join his events in May at Coworking in the Sun.

César Pietri

  • Age: 39

  • Profession: Online Entrepreneur & Marketing Trainer

  • Education: IT College and Microsoft Certification

  • Nationality: Venezuelan

  • Lives in Tenerife: since 2005

  • Stay in Touch: LinkedIn and Website

Digital Nomad Guest Trainer César Pietri

Monetise Your Blog With Info Products

How did César manage to make over 18,000€ with one simple blog?

His method are info products.

In his presentation, he will talk about his story including his ups and downs when trying to make money online.

Among other things, you’ll get an overview of how he structures his workflow. One cornerstone of each of his online activities is to put himself in the shoes of a potential customer:

  • How will my visitors experience my business for the first time?
  • How can I make them interact with my content on a continuous basis?
  • How can I turn them into clients and maintain a long-term relationship?

Cesár will guide you through these steps of each customer’s journey.
He’ll show you how to organise them by creating a sales funnel with some examples from his main source of income: info products.

You could never imagine the unusual ideas that he actually makes money with!

  • When: Tuesday, 23.05.2017 at 18:00 h
  • Where: Aula 2 in FU International Academy Tenerife, C.C. La Cúpula, Local n° 69, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz
Family Nomad Trainer César

“I really love to spend time with my family. And an online business gives me the flexibility to do what I want!”

Set-Up Your Online Business – Tools and Resources

The best thing: César will not only tell you what you can do to make money with a blog.

He will also present the right tools and resources to make it happen!

In his workshop on Wednesday, you’ll learn all about how to set-up your own blog. Once that’s done the next step will be to monetise your traffic. César’s method of choice: selling info products on autopilot.

  • When: Wednesday, 24.05.2017 at 16:00 h
  • Where: Aula 2 in FU International Academy Tenerife, C.C. La Cúpula, Local n° 69, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz

Join our meetup and hear all about his crazy business ideas and his experience. Learn more about the events on Facebook and Meetup!

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