The Most Important Taxes in the Canary Islands

Our experienced speaker for the next Meetup in June is Arturo Garcia Diaz. Arturo has a PhD in Spanish Tax and Accounting and is the chief executive director of one of the best tax and legal law firms in the Canary Islands.

The AAA Group was founded in 2014 and has been expanding ever since. The personalized service of the AAA Group focuses on the tax planning and tax compliance needs of a business or an individual. Maybe especially interesting for you as a digital nomad: For entrepreneurs, they look at the totality of your financial situation – and therefore also prepare your accounts. The services of AAA can be provided in Spanish, English, German, Dutch, French and Italian.

He’ll be sharing his rich experience and expertise in tax accounting in our Meetup to help you to start and boost your business in the Canary Islands.

Know What to Look For to Find the Best Opportunities For Your Business

It’s uncomfortable. Leaving a career, security, a network and making the leap into the unknown. But, discomfort is good. This is where the growth happens. Either you already did it or you are interested in doing it when you read this. But what exactly do you have to consider from a tax point of view or especially use here in the Canary Islands?

We alredy wrote a blogpost about “La Zona Especial Canarias (ZEC)“. The ZEC is a unique area which boasts a low tax rate and is part of the Canary Islands Economic and Fiscal Scheme (REF). So if you want to know more about it check out the blogpost.

But now we are going a step further with Arturo Garcia Diaz. He will provide you with useful and money-saving insights on the following topics:

  • National Tax Office: personal income tax, corporate tax, freelancing
  • Canarian VAT called IGIC
  • RIC Reserva para Inversiones en Canarias
  • Investment in the Canary Islands
  • Social Security in Spain
  • Property taxes

So make sure you won’t miss our upcoming Meetup in CoworkingInTheSun.

  • When: Tuesday, 25.06.2019 at 18.00 h

  • Where: Aula 2 in FU International Academy Tenerife, C.C. La Cúpula, Local n° 69, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz

Arturo will visit Coworking in the Sun next Tuesday to share his experience with you in a presentation and workshop. Learn more about the events on Facebook and Meetup.

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