Do You Know What a Digital Nomad is?

Digital nomads travel around the world and use their digital skills to earn money. They work location independently.

Some of them have remote jobs in companies without a fixed office, but the majority of them work as freelancers, solo- or entrepreneurs. They decide not only where to work, but they also choose when, for how long and whom they work for. They call it “the good life”. I call it freedom.

So, why don’t you live like a digital nomad? Explore the world. Meet like-minded people, make new friends. And, most importantly, work on something you are passionate about. Sounds pretty incredible, right?

Don’t worry, we can help you get there. When you come to Tenerife you won’t be just coworking and learning about digital marketing. Tenerife, SEOintheSUN, Coworking in the Sun and our Spanish School is all about good vibrations in beautiful surroundings with a relaxing international atmosphere.

You will meet Spanish learners at our FU Café. You will work together with digital nomads in our coworking space.  And you will party with all of them after working and learning. If you choose to live in our shared flats you will get to know them even better. So, it’s all about new contacts, networking, learning from each other and making new friends for life. But there is more.

Sundown Tenerife

Digital Nomads Teach You

Every month we bring a new successful nomad as a guest trainer to Puerto de la Cruz to teach you the skills you need to become a digital nomad yourself. While we, the team of SEOintheSUN, teach you digital marketing, you will get to know from our guests nomads everything about their lives as digital nomads. There will be travel bloggers, video gamers, youtubers, company remote workers, etc. – everybody with different skills and stories but one thing in common: they are all successful digital nomads with years of experience.

Coming to Tenerife means taking the first step as a digital nomad

Give it a try and experience the digital nomad lifestyle first-hand. You can book one of our digital marketing trainings. Or reserve your coworking desk together with coliving options for as long as you want. We call it our 365 days workation camp.

Both offers, the online marketing courses and the coworking space allow you to attend the seminars held by real digital nomads. If you want to know which digital nomad guest is coming to Tenerife in the upcoming weeks, check out our blog or subscribe to our newsletter.

See you in the sun.