8 Questions to Geneviève Pépin

Geneviève Pépin is a coach and author who has lived and traveled in more than 20 countries. With 4 languages under the belt, Geneviève worked in events management and marketing for 5+ years, before pushing ‘reset’ and launching her own online business. She is now an accredited life coach on a mission to help women around the world feel great about themselves from the inside out.
We believe in order to change anything on the outside we must change on the inside first. This is why we are so excited to have Geneviève join us for a meetup and workshop with the following topics in January:

  • Set Your Mindset for a Successful 2018!
  • The Basics to Achieving Your Goals in 2018

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Geneviève Pépin

  • Age: 33

  • Profession: Life Coach
  • Nationality: Canadian

  • Stay in touch (social media channels): Instagram and Facebook @nettolacoaching or [email protected]
Headshot of Geneviève Pépin

Why did you decide to start a business and what does it mean to you?

To me, starting a business means leaving my fingerprint on the world, it is expressing myself to the fullest. My life mission is to create positive change and this is the way I find has the most direct impact. Also, as I have family on different continents, I love to be able to work from anywhere. An online business gives me that freedom.

She provides actionable coaching to help her clients realign their life with who they really are, let go of what is holding them back and take their journey to a whole other level.

Geneviève is originally from Canada and currently lives in Tenerife with her husband and two dogs, Martin and Luther.

Guest Trainer Geneviève Pépin

How many hours do you work at an average on a usual day?

An online business may give the freedom to work from anywhere, but it also means that ‘anywhere’ is your office. 🙂 As I am still at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I work about 6 days a week, from 4 to 12 hours a day.

How do you earn an income now?

Coaching and taking some freelance jobs.

Geneviève Pépin group picture

What would you consider to be one of the best tools to start your business?

A community. Whether it’s online or not, connect with people that are in the same situation as you or have already achieved what you want to achieve. We are always stronger together and motivation/willpower will only support you for so long when you go at it on your own. An accountability partner, coach or like-minded community is essential to move forward, get to the next level and keep you sane.

Do you have any advice for those starting a digital nomad life?

Know your ‘why’ and be ready to embrace the highs as well as the lows. Living abroad and traveling regularly is exciting and eye-opening, but it can also be lonely. Be mentally ready for uncertainty.

How long have you been traveling and where have you been? Do you have a favorite place in the world?

I have lived abroad for 10 years on and off. I studied and worked 5+ years in China and have had Spain as my home base for the last 3 years. Regions I have visited include South East Asia, Western Europe, Peru, and Israel. China has a very special place in my heart, as to me it represents the land of opportunities. My favorite traveling experience was walking the whole Spanish part (800km) of El Camino de Compostella with my mom.

Geneviève Pépin in Western China

How do you manage the distance to family and friends?

I don’t, hahaha! For me, this is the biggest cost of living abroad. We are very lucky that technology now allows us to call whenever, and enjoy virtual meetings. I go back as often as I can, work from there and enjoy some family time.

Could you imagine keeping up the digital nomad lifestyle for the rest of your life?

I personally imagine myself spending the rest of my life in between 2 or 3 main locations with my husband and family, including Canada, Spain and….who knows what’s next?

Geneviève Pépin will visit Coworking in the Sun in January to share her experience with you in a presentation and workshop. Learn more about the events on Facebook and Meetup.

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