Work + Vacation = Workation

Due to the phenomena that more and more participants of our Online Marketing Courses wanted to extend their stay in order to continue working on their own projects, we have decided at the end of 2014 to expand our  premises and to offer Coworking Spaces.

In March 2015 everything was ready to go:  a new equipped  room with 10 Coworking Spaces! Large private desks and comfortable chairs that meet all ergonomic requirements, that was more important to us than any coolness factor of a by-design office.

One cool thing in fact is the free use of our sound-proof room, which is equipped with everything you need for video and audio production.

Aside from our students, the coworking space was quickly occupied by the first digital nomads. Some of them had previously lived and worked in so-called “Workation Camps”. The word Workation consists of “Work” + “Vacation” and refers to a stay that combines – exactly – vacation and work.

coworking in the sun cover

Workation Camps are organized for a certain period of time. The organizers rent hotel rooms or spacious houses and besides the indispensable coworking space with fast internet connection, meetings or conferences, they provide participants with an extensive leisure program.

Wait a minute…accommodation? Meetings? Leisure program? We have it all! And not only for a limited period of time, we have it throughout the entire year. Both for SEOintheSUN students as well as for Spanish Students in our school. And from now on for our coworking customers!

An affordable room in a cool shared flat? Or would you prefer a comfortable apartment for yourself? No Problem.

Salsa? Flamenco? Beach volleyball? A visit to the famous botanical Gardens? That is all included for our Coworkers!

You only have to pay for additional Spanish lessons, surf lessons, paragliding, diving courses and a variety of weekend excursions. We organize it for you. We’ve been doing it for 15 years.

But a 365-Day-Workation-Destination deserves a higher degree of exposure than the previous simple looking Coworking Space at

We Present You Our New Brand & Website

Workation Camp at Tenerife

So what are you waiting for? Visit our new website and let us know what you like about our new offer.