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The 13 Most Awesome + Free eBooks


The Art Of Being A World Nomad

This ebook is not just about travel. It is about a way of life. It is about taking control and living the life you want to live, not the life that you think you’re supposed to live.

It guides you on your way to a nomadic lifestyle. The author stays realistic and does not sugarcoat in any way.

Conni Biesalski


Top Secrets – Lifestyle Design Success

The author explains the concept of digital nomads and why it is a very attainable lifestyle. Furthermore you will find some of the most useful tools that are being used to make the life of a nomad a lot easier.

The terms of communication and collaboration are defined and it’s shown why they are necessary to go digital and how to apply them.


e-book cover of a digital nomad ebook

Digital Nomad Playbook
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Are you in a hurry? This ebook is hardly playful. Alex McQuade and Dan Andrews from TropicalMBA will get you ready within four weeks!

Week 1: Find Your Lifestyle Baseline
Week 2: Prepare to Hit the Road
Week 3: Build & Strengthen Your Team
Week 4: Learn from Veteran Nomads

Alex McQuade


Dan Andrews



Life Nomadic

Note: This ebook doesn’t seem to be free anymore, but you can still support the author and grab it from Amazon here.

Tynan is a well known personality on the web. In this ebook he reveals all his secrets and experiences about being a digital nomad.

He tells you everything you need to know and he provides each piece of information with many useful details.

Reading this ebook is a little bit like reading a novel.




Defining The Digital Nomad

A very interesting crowd-sourced Whitepaper on the challenges of the digital nomad. It is a useful tool for digital nomads and the companies that employ them.

Part 1 What It Means To Be A Digital Nomad
Part 2 Managing Digital Nomads
Part 3 Digital Nomads ROI (Return On Investment)




Urban Nomadic Lifestyle

Jenny Jemström wants to improve the modern urban nomad’s everyday life and transient lifestyle.

She has made an investigation and analysis of shapes and how they relate to one another using questionnaires, first hand observations of daily behaviour, real user profiles, facebook groups, etc.

Jenny Jernström



Knowmad Society

This book explores the future of learning, work and how we relate to each other in this emerging paradigm.

They look into changes in the world driven by exponentially accelerating technological and social change. The authors discuss the new opportunities, challenges and responsibilities that developed from there.

John W. Moravec



Digital Nomad

Tomasz Nowak is a freelancer and backpacker himself and has been working as a web designer for six years.

With his ebook he wants to teach you how to organize this type of lifestyle and create a good work environment anywhere in the world.

Based on his own experience he will tell you step by step how to achieve a location independent lifestyle.

Tomasz Nowak



The Digital Nomad Imperative

42 stories of successful location independent nomads.

Each of them tells a unique story and philosophy.The authors Cody Mckibben and John Bardos are both well known nomads and big influencers in the web.

From their point of view, it has never been easier to live life on your own terms and go wherever you want – and everybody is capable of doing so.

Cody McKibben
John Bardos

digital nomad guide

A Brief Guide To World Domination

Chris Guillebeau is a New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur and modern-day-explorer. He visited every country in the world  before his 35th birhday. Parts:

1.  What You’ll learn in These 29 Pages
2. The Unremarkably Average Versus the
Remarkable Few
3. The Crowded World and the Way to
Break Through the Noise
4. The Plan to Attack and How to
Overcome the Challenges

Chris Guillebeau 

ebook cover the zero hour work week

The Zero Hour Work Week

Jonathan Mead himself is a successfull personality on the web.

Besides telling his own story of liberating himself from the 9 to 5 he presents several other inspiring personalities and explains you how to do the same.

Jonathan Mead


Being A Digital Nomad

Dragos Roua has been doing business online for 12 years and is a known influencer in the digital nomad scene.

In his ebook he shares his own experiences, thoughts and lessons accumulated over four years of living as a digital nomad.  In particular about working from anywhere, increasing productivity and staying motivated.

Dragos Roua


Become Nomad

A resource for those choosing a nomadic lifestyle.

The author explains everything necessary to realising this lifestyle, starting with the basic skills you need, what kind of jobs there are, traveling on a budget, the best destinations and how to explore them, security issues, coworking and even nomad philosophy.

Eli David  

The 7 Best Infographics

infographic about the entrepreneurial mindset
Is Living as a Digital Nomad the Future? nomadicdanes.com

Infographic of the costs
The Cost Of Living Around The World businessinsider.com.au

The 39 Most Essential Articles

9 Must-Watch Videos

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