7 Events in Tenerife – June 2022

Festivities in Tnerife

Socializing, meeting new people, discovering new places and cultures – that is what makes a stay truly special! Tenerife is one of the most diverse islands in the world and so are its people and events. No matter what you are looking for, there are options for everyone!

Starting from traditional cultural festivities, sports, and musical events to socializing events with peers and fellow nomads.

So, what are you waiting for? Give yourself a break and enjoy the events and festivities around the island. 

Here are 7 events in Tenerife you don’t want to miss out on!

1. Carnival in Santa Cruz

Of course, we start with the most famous one: the Carnival of Santa Cruz.

Throughout the whole month of June, the people are celebrating the carnival in Santa Cruz. It begins with various competitions for the carnival queens and dance and musical groups. But the most anticipated part is the street carnival, taking place at the end of June, where the whole capital of Santa Cruz transforms itself into a ball of celebration!

A glimpse into the dates of the street carnival:

  • 24. June: carnival parade opening
  • 25. June – 26. June: All day and night street parties with a firework on Sunday night at 8 pm.

P.S. This year’s carnival theme is Science Fiction but you can dress up as anything!

You can find more information here.

2. TEDNomad – Tenerife’s Digital & Nomad Festival

TEDNomad is a digital and nomad festival taking place at our beloved Lago Martánez in Puerto de la Cruz. It will host conferences with national and international speakers specialized in a digital field, networking areas to connect, and additional entertainment and activities.

When? 02. June – 05. June

Where? Lago Martiánez in Puerto de la Cruz

How? Free entry if you book an online ticket beforehand

Find more information about the schedule here.

3. Visit an ECO Banana Plantation

This trip is dedicated to the queen of all fruits and the famous resident of our island: the BANANA. Come with us as we take a tour through an ecological banana plantation with its owner and get firsthand information about sustainability and the workings behind ecological banana cultivation.

P.S. we will also get a shot of the famous banana liquor!

Banana plamntation Tenerife

When? 08th of June, 5 p.m.

Where? El Rincón in La Orotava

Meeting point: Carr. El Rincón, núm. 71, 38314, Santa Cruz

How? Find more information here.

4. Culture and Business Pride Festival

Look out for the 5th edition of the culture and business pride festival in our capital in Santa Cruz, which brings together speakers, activists, musicians, and public figures of the LGTBQ community to produce a rare experience and exchange of ideas, knowledge technologies, and much more. Part of the festival includes the Alan Turing LGTBIQ+ Awards, Chill Conferences with masterclasses, a Networking Hub, and Concerts and Gigs as leisure activities.

When? 11. June – 17. June

Where? Santa Cruz de Tenerife

How? All activities are free of charge and open to everybody

Find more information here.

5. Parafest

Are you more of a sports fan? Parafest is an annual paragliding festival in “Los Realejos”. The sporting event attracts different local and international paragliders around the world. It offers different activities, like paratreking, base jumps, or acrobatics. Another special part of the festival is the Parafest sin Barreras” (Parafest without barriers) which offers paragliding flights for people with disabilities.

Paragliding event

When? 03. June – 05. June

Where? Los Realejos

How? Inscriptions under [email protected]

Find more information here.

6. Language Exchange & Wine

Is there a better way to connect with people than with a chill get-together supported by wine and some tapas? We don’t think so. Our language exchange is the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow nomads, use and improve your language skills in Spanish and other languages, and have a fun evening. Come and try it out!

When? 16th of June at 8 p.m.

Where? FU Café, Puerto de la Cruz

How? You only pay for your own drinks and/or food.

Find more information here.

7. La Infraoctava del Corpus Christi y Baile de Magos – La Orotava

On the 23rd of June, the people celebrate the “Infraoctava del Corpus Christi”, following the Sunday of Corpus Christi. In the town of La Orotava carpets of natural flowers are made in the streets of the old town and in the evening a religious procession follows the route of the carpets.

On Friday, the 24th of June the Baile da Magos takes place. This traditional fiesta invites all people into the main centers of the town to celebrate, dance, sing and dine together. Locals dressed in traditional costumes come together with orchestras and traditional music groups and create a spectacular night!

Celebrations of Corpus Christi

When? 23. June- 24. June

Where? La infraoctava del Corpus Christi: Old town of La Orotava

Baile de Magos: In different plazas in La Orotava: e.g. Plaza del V Centenario

How? Baile de Magos: For some festivities at “La Plaza del V Centenario,” traditional costumes are a must. But you can also take a look to participate in other areas!

Find the program of the fest here.

There you go with 7 events on our beautiful island Tenerife.

As you may have already noticed, the people here love to celebrate and the island can´t get still. That’s why there are always many more events etc. going on, but we hope we could get you excited with the mix of events we picked out this month!

Let us know what your favorite festivities are in Tenerife! – local celebrations, sports events, or nomad meetings?

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