10 Questions to Vera Ruttkowski

When Vera first started working remotely, it was just in order to be able to stay in Tenerife. That was until she met other digital nomads and felt inspired to try out the location-independent lifestyle for herself. So far she loves it and does not regret making that step.


Vera works as a Virtual Assistant. She makes money for her travels solely by freelancing for different clients. Although she is currently working on a few own projects as well, her story shows that you don’t necessarily have to run your own online business in order to live the life of a digital nomad.


At first, the thought of traveling solo scared Vera, but she did it anyway and hasn’t looked back since. She still refers to Tenerife as a 2nd home and can imagine having a home base here again in the future, but for now she is enjoying the location-independent lifestyle. We’re especially happy to have her with us as a digital nomad trainer and tell her story on the island where everything started. If you’re still on the fence of whether or not to try out the digital nomad life for yourself, you should definitely come to our meet up to listen to Vera tell her story. She might inspire you like other digital nomads inspired her.

Vera Ruttkowski

  • Age: 37
  • Years as a DN: 1
  • Profession: Virtual Assistant
  • Nationality: German
  • Stay in touch: https://www.facebook.com/vaverava/
Digital Nomad Vera

Why did you decide to begin a nomadic life and what does it mean to you?

At first I did not plan starting a nomadic life when I started to work online. I was just looking for a job that I could do online in order to stay in Tenerife. But then I was inspired by other nomads and decided to give the nomadic life a try. For now I really enjoy it and believe it helped me a lot to grow personally. I would probably not dare traveling on my own but as I have my work with me it makes me feel more comfortable.

How do you earn an income now?

As a freelancer. I work as a Virtual Assistant for german clients.

How many hours do you work at an average on a usual day?

Between 6 and 10 hours. About 80% of the time for my clients, rest on my own projects like an Online Course on how to work as a Virtual Assistant called VA Fabrik

Digital Nomad Vera

What is your approximate travel budget for a year? Any tips on how to lower it?

I’m not really planning with a budget and just decide on the go. I like the alternation between cheaper places and getting some luxury from time to time. Staying longer in one place helps as it reduces travels expenses and often you get a better deal on accommodation.

What would you consider to be one of the best tools for becoming a digital nomad?

Your own mindset. There are many different options how to life location independent. Just listen to yourself and find out what works best for you. Be open to change plans.

Do you have any advice for those starting a digital nomad life?

Just do it. You will not find out if you like this lifestyle if you don’t try. It helps to surround yourself with like minded people in the beginning. And always remember that you can always come back or settle down when you feel like.

How long have you been traveling and where have you been? Do you have a favourite place in the world?

I lived in Tenerife for 2 years and left the island in October 2015 to go to Marocco and then Asia. I spent about 5 months in Thailand and Bali. Apparently I feel best on islands. I loved Ko Lanta and Tenerife is my second home. The only thing missing here are fresh coconuts.

What is your travel frequency? How often do you change the place you stay and do you have a home base?

I try to stay at least a month. As I work quite a lot shorter periods wont give me enough time to explore the place. Also it’s nice to experience the daily life if you stay longer in a place. Find your favorite cafe, place to work, restaurant and meet some locals. I gave up my homebase but still Tenerife feels like home and I might establish a homebase here again.

Digital Nomad Vera

How do you manage the distance to family and friends? Do you miss having an established home and a wardrobe without weight limit?

Maintaining the contact to family and friends is difficult on the road. Different time zones, work and spending time with the people you meet at a new place makes it nearly impossible to stay in permanent contact with friends around the globe. While you can stay in contact via social media and calls its still important to spend some time face to face.

Im still struggling with the minimalism in my wardrobe but its getting better. When I stay a month or longer I make myself comfortable at the place I stay at and also buy some clothes that I leave behind when I move on. But yes, the constant search for accommodation and flights is annoying sometimes.

Could you imagine keeping up the digital nomad lifestyle for the rest of your life?

I tend to not plan for more than one month ahead. So who knows. I might establish a homebase again but go traveling for at least half of the year.

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