Get things done in the winter sun!  Join a group of digital nomads, make new connections and grow your business at a temporary coworking space in a 5-star beach resort.

October 31 – December 11, 2016

  • Coworking Camp - Side, Turkey
  • Coworking Camp - Side, Turkey
  • Coworking Camp - Side, Turkey
  • Coworking Camp - Side, Turkey
  • Coworking Camp - Side Turkey

Coworking Camp is a six-week, sunny retreat for like-minded people to network and enjoy an exclusive opportunity to combine work and fun. Located in an ancient Greek city on the south coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey, you’ll be staying at a five-star resort situated directly on the beach. Not only will you be surrounded by breathtaking scenery, but also by an established group of startup founders, entrepreneurs, free-lancers, remote workers and digital nomads who share your desire to escape the winter blues and feed off of the uniquely inspiring energy that only coworking environments can provide.

Office equipment:

Enjoy a dedicated coworking area with large desks, comfy chairs, 20 MBlt internet, printer, projector, whiteboard and even a a 3D printer. But wait, there’s more – did we mention the world class view?! Sounds better than your local Starbucks, doesn’t it.


Your six weeks in the sun will be spent at a 5-star hotel called The Crystal Palace. It was the winner TripAdvisor’s Travellers Choice Award for 2016! You’ll get to kick back and relax in a single or double room, indulge in three meals per day at the hotel’s buffet, offering plenty of vegetarian and healthy options. Oh, and get this: All local drinks are free!! For those long workdays, there will be a coffee & snack bar for all of your caffeinated needs.

Want to know more? You can read more reviews on HolidayCheck – they have a 98% rating!

Leisure time activities:

Side is a major Mediterranean tourist destination, full of activities to suit every personality and lifestyle, including:

  •  Yoga
  • Beach volleyball and other sports
  • Playful evenings with fun games
  • Movie nights
  • Scuba diving
  • Hiking
  • Quad biking
  • Sightseeing, and many other outdoor activities!


Side is a resort town on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast. An ancient port city, it’s known for long beaches and Greco-Roman ruins.  Overlooking a beach and the Mediterranean Sea, The Crystal Palace is an upscale resort located 12 km from Antik Tiyatro, an ancient Greek amphitheater.

Number of participants:

Coworking Camp works best with about 20 participants each week. 


The participants will be picked up at the Airport. During the stay they have the opportunity to rent a car or scooter for affordable pricing.

Special features:

The coworking environment, combined with structured networking sessions, also holds community workshops and business challenge master mind sessions! These activities are sure to  turn like minded people into life long friends quickly.


Both 3-week and 6-week packages include a fixed desk in the coworking area, access to all events, showtimes and challenges. There is also an option to stay for one week, for which the ticket to the coworking space is free but these are limited to 2 tickets per week.

All participants have the option of choosing to stay in a single or double room, both of which include the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet at special discounted rates.

Pricing examples:

  • 3-week ticket (297€) + Single room hotel (21 days x 40€) + Flight (for example from Munich – 162€) = 1299€ per person
  • 6-week ticket (553€) + Single room hotel (42 days x 40€) + Flight (Munich – 162€) = 2395€ per person.

Want to know more? Bookings are filling up quickly! Find out more here.