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February 19 – February 28 / 2016

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The 7th Copass Camp will take place in Bali at the same time as the Coworking Unconference Asia! Choose your 10 days flexibly to live, work, share and have a great time in one of the hottest places for digital nomads! Bali is well known to be a paradise for those working remotely and it is pretty obvious why. If you want to see for yourself why lots of people with the freedom to choose where to work choose Bali, check out the conditions of the Copass Camp.

Office equipment:

You’ll have unlimited access to Copass coworking spaces around, including the famous Hubud. There you will have a fibre optic internet line with a dedicated 10Mbps and a total of shared 50mbps. Also, you can find a conference room there that can accommodate more than 20 people, a meeting room for 6, and a Skype booth. Additionally, they provide printing, scanner, whiteboards, paper cutters, sticky notes and sling shots.


First, you will stay 5 nights in a beachfront villa in South Kuta, and then you will spend 4 nights in the heart of the Balinese jungle next to Ubud. The first villa is just minutes away from Bali’s most beautiful beaches. Breakfasts every morning and welcome dinners on Saturday are included in the price. At both locations, WiFi is available. In each of the two locations, you will have a private room or shared room depending on the pack you choose. Each room has its own bathroom. Both villas have a fully-equipped kitchen and a pool.

Leisure time activities:

The 10-day pack includes one special activity and, on the first day, the Copass team will always arrange a welcome dinner. Apart from that, Bali itself has a lot to offer: Beautiful temples can be visited all around the island, you can kitesurf, surf, bike, sail, hike, party…and everyone can manage their time freely. Copass also has deals on many activities, just ask the camp leader about it.


During the coworking camp, you have the option of staying in two very different places in Bali, Indonesia. First at the beach in South Kuta and then in the jungle close to Ubud. In this way,you can enjoy the perfect blue sea, a warm climate, sun, perfect waves, splendid coral reefs, lost temples, beautiful volcanos, a deep jungle, beautiful people and much more.

Number of participants:

18 people can participate in the Copass Camp in Bali.


The Copass team can arrange transport from the airport to the accommodation for you. This is included in the workation camp price, and so is transportation from the beach villa to the jungle resort.

Special features:

Unique to this Copass Camp is the possibility it presents to patrons of staying in two very different places during the same camp as this provides a better taste of what Bali has to offer.

Another speciality is the timing of this coworking camp as it will take place contemporaneously with the Coworking Unconference Asia (26th, 27th and 28th of February). The tickets aren’t included in the package, though.


  • 10 Days Double: $1199 per room (tax excluded) 19th – 28th in a private double room
  • 10 Days Single: $699 per person (tax excluded) 19th – 28th in a shared room with 1 person
  • 4 Days Room: $399 per room (tax excluded) 25th – 28th 1 or 2 persons per room