Work On Board Of A Catamaran Sailing The Seven Seas

Spring 2016 – All Year Long

  • Explore the coboat
  • Floating Workation Camp
  • Welcome on Board - Rope on a Boat

In 2016, Coboat – a 82ft retrofitted sailing catamaran – will set sail from Thailand. They invite entrepreneurs, digital nomads and all creative thinkers to join their floating Coworking Camp. As they’re exploring the sea in and around South East Asia all year long, you’ll be able to join at anytime. In our eyes, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Imagine being on a catamaran with other hard-working, motivating people and enjoying the endless sea while getting an endless amount of work done. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Office equipment:

Along the coastlines, Coboat uses 3G/4G network and Wi-Fi, while on the ocean there will be a reliable high-speed 24/7 internet connection that is provided courtesy of satellites. There are also multiple charging stations and gadgets available for use throughout the day.


Coboat offers cabins with shared quarters including bunk or spacious double beds. The saloon is the area where you can eat, drink, hang out and share ideas with others. Have dinner in the cockpit at the back of the boat or relax on the trampoline that is stretched between the hulls.

Leisure time activities:

You can go fishing, snorkelling and diving. They also have equipment for water sports on board. In addition, they provide kayaks, beach toys, board games and much more.


The Coboat crew has different exotic destinations in the South East Asian region. They will set sail in Phuket, Thailand, then head to Malaysia, Singapore and finally, Indonesia, while making pit-stops at hubs located in port cities throughout.

Number of participants:

The maximum capacity for Coboat is 20 passengers.


The transportation from and to the airport is included in the price.

Special features:

Coboat is a green boat which means that it uses desalinated seawater and, only if the winds are not strong enough, will it turn on its engines using solar-generated, stored energy.


After filling out the application form to request a booking for Coboat, you will be offered an open voucher at a guaranteed pre-launch price of 980€/week. Should you decide to book two weeks or more however, they will only ask you for a downpayment of 20%.

The price covers the cost of accommodation, along with internet, food, drinks (except alcohol), and most of the day trips.