Digital Nomad Diary – Alicia Lima

Some of you may know Alicia Lima, a 100% digital nomad. She travels around the world and works remotely for Fiverr. In September 2015 she spent two weeks with us at Coworking in the Sun and gave workshops, interviews and held presentations and seminars.

We really enjoyed having her and it was amazing that Alicia shared her knowledge with us and the participants!

We got a “behind the scene diary” from Alicia herself, in which she describes how her first promotions ever and what the days with us were like for her. Curious? Then let´s start!

  • Digital Nomad trainer Alicia Lima with barraquito and postcards
  • Participants of Alicias first workshop take notes of all the interesting facts Alicia shares with them.
  • People Having Dinner at Casa Alicia
  • After the first presentation, CoWitS owner Frank gave a hug to Alicia, to say thank you and encourage her to keep on with her fantastic work.

“I’m in”

Those were the words I said to Frank of SEOintheSUN after being inspired by his post. I read it while was traveling in the USA and, seeing the opportunity to be a Digital Nomad trainer, I said to myself: “I want to do this!”

As a Traveler and Digital Nomad, you get to know that not many opportunities will simply come knocking at your door, so you have to GO OUT and look for them. A chain of events led me to SEOintheSUN and, after accepting the challenge, I was excited to start working on my presentation and completing the two workshops required of me. My determination and interest in the program are what brought me to Tenerife.

Why else did I come? Well, to inspire more people to be courageous, to meet new friends to inspire me and to share a few of the tips that I would love to have known when I first started.

Sunday September 6th

I arrived at the south part of the island on a Friday and had the amazing opportunity of finally meeting Denise, who is a member of the SeointheSun team, in person. She is the Content Strategist and CopyWriter of the team, and assisted me with the redaction of my article as well as sorting out various details before my arrival. It was so good to be welcomed by her, and I got the impression that two weeks in Tenerife just wouldn’t be enough.

I checked into my apartment on Sunday and the SEOintheSUN team had everything perfectly organized when I got there. It seemed like a scavenger’s hunt when I was given an envelope with my name on it, the keys of my new place, a map and instructions about the next step. The apartment was really close to the school, plus I had an amazing view from my room.

After getting used to what would be my new home for the next two weeks, I started to get a bit nervous about the presentation that I was expected to do on Monday morning, so I decided to explore the area a bit thinking that maybe enjoying a little of the beach would help 🙂

First sunset, digital nomad Alicia Lima saw from her room on Tenerife.

Monday September 7th

I wanted this to happen. I was looking for the opportunity to share part of my story, but with everything now laid out right before me, I couldn’t deny my nervousness. I got to the school about three hours in advance because I first wanted to meet the team. I must say that it felt really cool to be recognized by people who I had never met before and I was open to becoming friends with everyone.

All set with the chairs, people, and presentation, and I was a nervous wreck. Frank advised me to just share your life, but that also seemed hard. I had never shared my life publicly before but, oddly, I felt ready too!

I started my presentation with shaking hands. Questions and subjects gradually became familiar so I started to feel relaxed, and simply began answering questions and telling my story honestly. I know being a digital nomad is not the most common thing yet, so it was a great opportunity for me to share with everyone why this is the best dream I never had. 

I regretted that I hadn’t thought of the the idea of bringing a friend to share this important moment with me, as it would have been incredible to share it with someone. However, it seems Frank read my mind and, after the presentation, he came up to me with a big smile and gave me a friendly hug!

Tuesday September 8th

After I woke up, took a shower and went to choose clothes to wear for the first workshop, I noticed that all my clothes were out of my suitcase and folded in the closet. This probably sounds like the most normal thing in a “regular” life, but that doesn’t happen to me very often. Normally, I would choose my clothes straight from the suitcase. It was a good feeling to have though as I prepared to share some of my knowledge at the workshop.

Then I was ready. I was not aware of how much I knew about my work until I started sharing all the information with the attendees. They kept asking various questions, and even coming up with questions I hadn’t faced before. As I was there answering everything asked of me, I found myself taking notes as we exchanged knowledge.

I was happy that they were deeply interested in knowing “How to be that seller Fiverr is looking for”.

Alicia Lima taking notes at one of her workshops.

Wednesday September 9th

The “Traveling light” – workshop was scheduled to be held on this day, but I was so tired that, on Tuesday, I rescheduled it for Thursday. I felt it was time for me to enjoy a little bit of my surroundings and relax, or better yet sleep, as with the presentation, traveling and working, I was exhausted. It’s good to have cooperative and understanding co-workers 🙂

Friday September 11th

In the hope of having more attendees, we changed date of the workshop to Friday. In this workshop, I was expected to talk about traveling and give some of my own personal tips.

There are some “secret” tips that have helped me to find cheap tickets and have helped to travel with light luggage no matter where I go. It was important for me to share these tips so people could start knowing how to find those fares and how to make traveling lighter, cheaper and better.

I spoke to everyone the way I would have liked for someone to have spoken to me before I started this journey. I want to make new digital nomads, and travelers’ life in general, easier. I’m sure everyone has their own path but if I could help to make things easier for them and prepare them for all that I struggled with, some of which almost made me quit, it would make my day!

Attendants and Alicia after one of her workshops, happy about all the great informations.

My second week

One of the things that I also like about traveling is the connection I get to have with people. We digital nomads are aware that constant movement could create the false impression that we are unable to develop lasting friendships or have good friends. We like to break down the stereotype that a friendship needs years to develop, because, in actuality, our connections are just fast and intense, and no less meaningful than other friendships.

I had the opportunity to share quality time with almost every one of the team members. We laughed, we learned and we talked about things outside of work. We connected and I was grateful that new friendships were forming.

Discovering the island was a great experience. I found that Tenerife is like a box full of surprises, and two weeks are just not enough for you to enjoy all of what the island has to offer. I did paragliding, I went to a surprise party, I was impressed by the impetuous Teide, and I cooked and hosted my friends at home. I also went to black sand beaches, and desert sand beaches. It was incredible. It is like a small world complete with different climates zones. There’s no doubt as to why almost everyone who comes here to spend just a month ends up staying for more than a year!

Being a Digital Nomad trainer at SEOintheSUN has also helped me with my personal plans for the future. In those two weeks, I was more productive than usual. I could work from home, enjoy a breathtaking sunset or visit the co- working space and enjoy the best Barraquito in town. I was finally working on my personal projects and being encouraged to explore new opportunities. I completely recommend this venture to future trainers and I’m looking forward to going back someday. Tenerife is now on my list of the places that I need to keep discovering.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!