5 Questions to José Sáez López

  • Age: – XX

  • Years as a DN: – XX

  • Profession: – Marketer

  • Nationality: – Spanish

  • Stay in touch: – Linkedin

The “30 Digital Nomad Stories: How to Work Remotely and Travel the World” goes on: Digital Nomad, José Sáez López, and his colleagues at ElevenYellow, which is a boutique software company, first tested their digital nomad life in China before taking the big step. He is CEO and co-founder of the ElevenYellow company and also works on some permanent projects.

Why did you decide to begin a nomadic life and what does it mean to you?

After some time working in our own projects from Madrid, we started thinking that maybe we could do this from anywhere. We did a small test run working from China for a couple of months and then decided to take the big step.

How do you earn an income now?

We are part of different projects at a technical level. Most of them are aimed at emerging countries, examples https://www.kumbuja.com or https://www.jobartis.com. We are also starting to build a platform for digital nomads called https://www.moverflow.com.

His Office in Bali

What is your approximate travel budget for a year? Any tip to lower it down?

We don’t normally spend more than $1000 per month when living in SEA….and we also do one or two trips back home per year.

What would you consider to be one of the best tools for becoming a Digital Nomad?

We think that communication is key when working remotely. To keep track of what everyone is doing we use BitBucket, HipChat, Trello and e-mail.

Do you have any advice for those starting a DN life?

I think it’s important to do the test run as soon as possible. It’s in that first test run (leaving for 1 or 2 months) when you realize that all those bad things that can happen won’t normally happen.


CEO and founder of ElevenYellow, a boutique software company that builds products for the emerging world and the app store ecosystem.

For more info: elevenyellow.com