5 Questions to Eli David

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  • Years as a DN: XX

  • Profession: Co-Founder of LingoLear, CEO at StartupBlink.com
  • Nationality: Israelian

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Want to learn more details about our series “30 Digital Nomad Stories: How to Work Remotely and Travel the World?” Here comes Eli David, co-founder of Lingolearn.com, which is an online language school, and co-founder of StartupBlink.com, a global map for start ups sharing news. Working as freelancer in these start ups allows him to lead a nomadic life.

Why did you decide to begin a nomadic life and what does it mean to you?

I would say the advantages of a nomadic lifestyle are amazing, the reasons are here: Advantages of a Nomad Lifestyle

How do you earn an income now?

A combination of freelancing (In sites like Elance for example), and also founding startup companies.

What is your approximate travel budget for a year? Any tip to lower it down?

This one really depends on the country, picking the right country and staying longer will decrease your costs. Here are some additional tips: Long term travel on the cheap

What would you consider to be one of the best tools for becoming a Digital Nomad?

I would say Elance since it allows you to make money while travelling. Hostelworld and Airbnb also come to mind when looking for accommodation.

Do you have any advice for those starting a DN life?

Just start and see if it feels good.


Co-founder of Lingolearn.com, an online language school providing live classes to hundreds of students around the world and the co-founder of StartupBlink.com, a global map for startups sharing news.

Before taking the startup path, Eli was working as an accountant and business consultant for firms such as BDO and KPMG. He is now a digital nomad, who has been living in more than 20 countries in the last 4 years, constantly changing locations (more about it on BecomeNomad.com).